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Her comments came as city, county and local officials announced that Hamilton County is forming the first organized witness protection program in the state. The program was formed, in part, so killings like McCrary’s don’t have to frustrate police, victims’ families and the public who watched as the murder charge against Ashley was dismissed when the teen eyewitness changed her story about the killing after officials said she was threatened. McCrary’s homicide officially remains unsolved, like about 90 others in Cincinnati in the last decade.

“I hope that (this program) will help have a witness to point out the perpetrator that shot our son. That would be a plus for us,” McCrary said. That is exactly the program’s intent, said Prosecutor Mike Allen, whose office will run the witness protection program and who noted the senseless violence and killings in Cincinnati and Hamilton County in the last few years. “This new program will help bring an end to that, thus making sure that all violent offenders answer for their crimes and do not get off scot-free because they’ve callously threatened or intimidated a witness or a family member,” Allen said.